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Postal 944 Exam Automotive Technician Application Process & How To Pass

USPS Postal 944 Exam Diagnose the Operations of a wide Variety of Vehicles in the Postal Fleet. Postal Exam 944 is responsible to hire Automotive Technician who are work with the more complex types of repairs & maintenance. These are very important positions in the USPS Jobs, because without Automotive Technician the mail would come to stand still. There are over 4000 Vehicles Maintenance Positions. They are responsible for the Maintenance and Repair of light and medium delivery vehicles, tractor-trailers, service vehicles and automobiles that cover over a billion miles on our nation’s highways and byways. According to the US Postal Service (USPS) the duties and Responsibilities of the Postal Automotive Technician are :

Automotive Technician Duties and Responsibilities-

1. Diagnoses operating difficulties on a variety of vehicles and performs operational checks on engines; its major supporting systems, parts, components, assemblies; including emissions systems, electrical, computer and electronic controlled components.

2. Performs various computerized and electronic diagnostic tests using specialized equipment; interprets trouble codes and other information from electronic scanners and test analyzers; uses reference materials such as service manuals and wiring
schematics to determine operational difficulties, drivability problems and evaluates performance efficiency.

3. Conducts visual and auditory vehicle inspections, road calls and road tests before and after maintenance and repairs; annotates vehicle problems on work orders.

4. Provides technical guidance and instructions to mechanics and technicians on more difficult repairs and in the use of specialized computer-aided diagnostic equipment.

5. Performs maintenance and repairs resulting from normal preventive maintenance inspections.

6. Prepares and updates vehicle records, maintains vehicle records; annotates labor time, parts and/or equipment and other pertinent data on work orders.

7. Performs engine tune-ups; removes, replaces, adjusts, cleans parts, components, assemblies and accessories; uses a variety of specialized test equipment to adjust systems and components to prescribed operating tolerances.

8. Troubleshoots malfunctioning vehicles resulting from road calls and identifies improperly functioning part(s) and repairs or replaces.

9. Repairs and replaces major components including transmissions, differentials, brake systems, power assist units, steering and suspension assemblies.

10. Performs other job related duties and responsibilities in support of primary duties.

11. Follows all established safety practices and procedures; complies with all postal, local, state and federal environmental regulations and policies.

Postal Exam 944 Application Process & How To Pass- 

Most of the New Employee are designed as Part-Time-Flexible (PTF). They are Paid an hourly Rate and work the flexible schedule as required by the workflow needed to maintain the Postal Fleet. Passing the Postal Examination is the only one step you need to take you to get your Local Post Office Job. Also You can prepare your Postal Exam 944 by taking some free Postal Exam Questions. Applicants must Apply for Exams 944 before they will Considered for Employment. Applicants can Apply for the Exams Online or by Phone. You can Click USPS Jobs Opening Section and search for the opportunity by the State. if you want to Apply by phone then you can Call 1-866-999-8777 (TTY 1-800-800-8776) and follow the prompt. After you will Apply you will be sent a package that include the USPS Postal Exam 944 Date, Time & Also the Location of the Exam along with some Study Materials & Sample Questions which can help you to prepare for USPS Postal Exam 944. You have to Attend the Examination on time. You must receive a passing Score of 70 on the written examination to receive further Employment consideration. After clearing the USPS Postal 944 Exams you must complete a bench Test for an automotive technician position. The Starting Pay you can get  for a Part time Flexible is $19.32 an hour and it’s level 7 pay For the USPS Automotive Technician Position.

Postal Examination 944 Sample Questions & Study Guide-

1. In addition to vacuum, which of the following represents one means of opening an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system valve?

A. Electricity
B. Hydraulic pressure
C. Manual linkage
D. Compression spring

Answer: A

2. A technician is performing a four-gas analyzer test on a vehicle and finds a high hydrocarbon (HC) reading, with the engine misfiring only at idle. What is most likely the cause?

A. Leaking intake manifold
B. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve that does not fully close
C. Secondary ignition wire shorting
D. Partially clogged fuel injector

Answer: B

3. When a transmission in the park position emits a high- pitched whine that increases with engine revolutions per minute (RPM), what is the most likely cause?

A. A bad front pump
B. A loose torque converter
C. Misadjusted park pawl
D. A worn sprag unit

Answer: A

4. It is NOT necessary to remove an automatic
transmission to make which of the following repairs?

A. Front pump seal
B. Governor assembly
C. Rear clutch pack
D. Stator support assembly

Answer: B

5. A wet compression test is used to isolate which engine

A. Leaking head gasket
B. Worn valve seats
C. Worn valve seals
D. Worn piston rings

Answer: D

6. Which three of the following are most likely to be caused
by excessive fuel-pump pressure?

1. The carburetor float needle held off its seat
2. High gasoline level in the carburetor float chamber
3. Air lock in the fuel line
4. Increased gas consumption

A. 1, 2, and 3, but not 4
B. 1, 2, and 4, but not 3
C. 1, 3, and 4, but not 2
D. 2, 3, and 4, but not 1

Answer: B

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