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473 Postal Exams, Preparation, How To Pass & Application Process For Post Office Jobs

473 Postal Exams is administered by USPS (United States Postal Service). Candidates for Postal carriers, mail processing clerks and Postal Clerks will need to score well on Postal 473 Examination to get the USPS Jobs. Preparation for Postal Exam 473 consist of understanding what is on exam, how it is scored, and taking as many […]

Postal Exam 916 Custodial Maintenance Exam Application Process & How To Pass For USPS Jobs

Postal Exam 916 is responsible to fill the custodial Jobs which play the major role in the United States Postal Service. The Duties of custodians are daily manual labor in connection with maintenance and cleaning of building and ground of Postal Facility. There are hundreds of custodians are currently working for the U.S. Postal Service but hiring of […]

Postal 944 Exam Automotive Technician Application Process & How To Pass

USPS Postal 944 Exam Diagnose the Operations of a wide Variety of Vehicles in the Postal Fleet. Postal Exam 944 is responsible to hire Automotive Technician who are work with the more complex types of repairs & maintenance. These are very important positions in the USPS Jobs, because without Automotive Technician the mail would come to stand […]

USPS Employment & Career – United States Postal Service Jobs Requirements & Description

USPS is also known as United States Postal Service, US Mail or Post Office which is the independent agency of the United States Federal government, responsible for providing Postal service in the United States. USPS was formed in July 1st 1971 in Washington DC, U.S. which has currently 625,113 employee working. The United States Postal Service […]

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